YouScience Leverages CO&P to Quickly Become the
Education and Consumer Market Leader

YouScience uniquely helps young adults find the intersection of their Aptitudes (what they do naturally well), Interests (what they love to do) and Career Opportunities (what the job market needs). Their algorithmic approach to the ‘Science of You’ is unlike anything available today on the market, as it really opens the eyes of young people to their true life and career potential.

In early 2015, YouScience asked CO&P to identify the best way to position the business for ultimate success and break through the noise of the other tools by highlighting its unique attributes.  Competitors claimed to provide career direction to young people; however, their tools actually fall short of the scientific approach that YouScience provides in an easily-interpreted format for students, parents and educators/counselors.

The team recommended a dual B2E2C (Business to Education to Consumer) strategy because:

  • Parents purchase from companies validated by educators and school administrators.
  • Selling bulk product to schools creates greater sales momentum and recognition in the consumer marketplace.
  • Marketing campaigns to schools are much more cost effective than selling individually to consumers.


With a long-term vision of re-hiring an internal marketing team, YouScience utilized CO&P Integrated Marketing to serve in that role in the meantime. CO&P provided a delivery team of 10 diverse skill sets, at a varying number of hours and billing rates. We were able to dramatically reduce the overall hard costs for marketing, as well as expand the subject matter expertise across a number of marketing areas.

Integrated marketing plans and skill sets included Branding and Positioning, Public Relations, Social Media, SEM/SEO, Direct Marketing (email and collateral), Web Development, Print Collateral, Blogger Relations and more.

It quickly became apparent that we needed to secure political support to catapult the business in schools.  CO&P introduced a Public Affairs campaigns into the marketing mix.  The teams at YouScience and CO&P established Senatorial (Senator Lindsey Tippins), Chamber (Cobb Chamber) and Regional Association (Southern Regional Education Board) contacts.

What transpired was a complete transformation of the brand during a three-month period.  YouScience went from a quiet startup to becoming an established education technology brand that was being talked about on the floor of the Georgia Capitol to hosting national speaking engagements to being recognized by regional and national press.

These programs fueled the company’s revenue, as the State of Georgia purchased 20,000 licenses for a statewide pilot for high school juniors.

CO&P identified corporate sponsors to purchase YouScience licenses for public schools outside the pilot. The construction industry benefits from workforce development efforts to identify young talent who would excel in a career in construction.  As a result, we secured a sponsor for another 5,000 units in West Georgia schools.

After one year of working together, the company was able to transition the customer base from approximately 10,000 users to more than 50,000 users, in addition to supporting hundreds of school systems.  Together, YouScience and CO&P secured several program sponsors ranging from construction to banking to manufacturing.  YouScience ended its financial year by closing a $5 million round of funding.

Campaign successes ranged from media relations to public affairs to direct marketing to trade shows to speaking engagements.

As we focused on the future, YouScience has a bright future with new markets to explore, new states to support and a mezzanine round funding to raise. CO&P is honored to remain part of their team as their outsourced marketing department and making a difference in the lives of so many young people.  With a Today Show appearance scheduled for later in 2016, we know the relationship remains mutually beneficial.

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