A.D.A.M.’s International Launch Leveraging the Media Appeal

A.D.A.M. (Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine) is the world’s oldest and largest provider of medical content. This prestigious position stems from 25 years of consistent international marketing efforts led by Public Relations since the company’s inception.

Leveraging the message that the differences from one human to another is ‘only skin deep,’ this Atlanta-based company has been able to attract stories in medical trade publications, education trade publications, consumer health and lifestyle publications, national and international broadcasts and more.  With five language translations and skin tone alternatives from the American version of this comprehensive medical database, everyone can relate to a story about the human body.

The ADAM marketing team, led by Amy Parrish and John McClaugherty (both now at CO&P), devised a PR program that followed the evolution of ADAM’s product development:

  • We began with a localized news program highlighting innovative doctors using ADAM for patient education that attracted national newspapers and TV affiliate coverage.
  • The localized bottom-up PR strategy attracted attention from medical trade publications. We followed this path for years, while the production team prepared medical student versions of the ADAM software.
  • Then we launched a national PR program attracting education trade publications to discuss how medical students finally had an alternative or adjunct to cadaver research.
  • This gained the attention of national medical reporters. We decided to engage in national trade shows and arrange press appointments. ADAM was soon spotlighted in major publications such as AMA News, JAMA, Physician’s Weekly and more.
  • Taking a bit of a risk, we scheduled a New York and DC media tour, as well as analyst meetings in Boston. This effort continues today as part of an annual maintenance program for holding ADAM’s market leadership position.
  • Our first national broadcast stemming from that effort was on ABC News. Stories quickly followed in the Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, The Economist and more.  Typically, following a national story, word of mouth influences other national journalists.
  • With no fear (and limited experience), we partnered with our distribution partners Matsushita and Pearson PLC to schedule international press tours throughout the UK and Southeast Asia. The media support in other countries was unprecedented. This international program was repeated four years in a row.  We developed friendships with the media that carried our programs for years to come.
  • After eight years of hard work and tremendous effort, it was an accomplishment that Newsweek declared that A.D.A.M. Software was one of the Top 25 Most Recognizable brands in the nation along with Coca-Cola and Disney and others. Considering the size of our budgets in comparison, this was a major accomplishment.
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