image003After a tragedy like the Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15, the terrorist expects you to stand stunned, for business to stop, and the entire world to feel defeated.

But the opposite happens.  These situations bring us to our knees but we are kneeling for God’s guidance, not in defeat.

Over and over again, our fearless nation has demonstrated its faith in God—and we will continue to seek HIS guidance on what role we should play. The business community has some of the greatest resources necessary to support Boston to recover.  I recommend you put those resources and your compassion to work—show Boston you care.

Sometimes it is a simple, but meaningful gesture, like the one below from Talbots to say, ‘we are behind you all the way.’  And other times it is a big gesture like CNN’s extensive coverage of ways you can help and recognizing companies who already have contributed like John Hancock who donated $1 Million to the One Fund Boston. (See article below)  Or sometimes it is a personal decision to give blood.

Whatever the gift of compassion you and your colleagues provide—all support is welcome.  And your customers remember your sincere contributions.   Keep up the good work America.  We are united ‘Under God Indivisible.’ No terrorist can break that bond.

One Fund Boston
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino says the city has established ‘One Fund Boston’. “At times like this we are one state, one city and once people,” Governor Patrick said. Boston based insurance company John Hancock has already committed $1 million to the fund, which will raise money for families most affected by the bombings.  Donate to

The Red Cross
If you have not yet connected with your loved ones who were running the race, or if you were on the scene and haven’t let your loved ones know where you are, please use the Red Cross’s Safe and Well website. The Red Cross also has valuable information about dealing with an emotional crises.  Donate to the Red Cross

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army deployed canteen trucks to the area to provide food. Officers have been dispatched to assist those in need.

“The Salvation Army continues to assist those impacted by the Boston Marathon explosions,” Maj. Ivan Rock said. “Canteens were positioned at various sites throughout the city, including the Unified Command Post, the Family Assistance Center and Kenmore Square. An additional canteen roved throughout the impacted area supplying food, snacks and beverages to those in need. As of this morning, 1,729 meals, drinks were supplied to the victims, the families and first responders. The Salvation Army will remain on site at the Family Assistance Center, located at the Park Plaza Castle as long as support is needed.”
Rock continued, “The runners, their families, and the first responders also received emotional and spiritual care from 12 Salvation Army officers and 23 Salvation Army staff volunteers. Eight Salvation Army officers were deployed to various hospitals throughout the Boston area offering pastoral care as needed.”  Donate to the Salvation Army

Boston Children’s Hospital
Ten of the victims were taken to Boston’s Children’s Hospital. The hospital is updating its website with news as it becomes available. Follow @BostonChildrens on Twitter for updates.  The Children’s Hospital website also has useful resources for guidance on how to talk to children after a tragedy.  Donate to Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

Give Blood
Governor Patrick said there is a need for blood on a sustained basis. Anyone wishing to give blood should keep checking with local hospitals and organizations like the Red Cross in the near future to see where the need may be and where to donate

Utilize social media
People often turn to Twitter for quick ways to connect. If you are in the Boston area and are looking for organizations seeking volunteers, or if you are far away but want to keep up with ways to help, follow the hashtag #BostonHelp on Twitter.

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