Personal Passions Can Promote Your Business

The team at CO&P Integrated Marketing has discovered that sometimes your non-profit contribution can be a personal passion…and still promote your business.

Six years ago, we were approached by a physician at Tanner Health Systems and the Mayor of Bremen to  help build a campaign against Drugs in West Georgia.  And although there was no business case for donating a campaign of this nature, we all agreed it was an important cause to support as this issue was growing to be an area epidemic.

We launched BRIDGE, Bringing Recovery in Drug Gripped Environments.  And since we are not the experts, we rallied behind a team of West GA leaders that had first-hand knowledge of the impact of drug abuse and trafficking on West GA—the Chief of Police, a Doctor, a Preacher, the Mayor and the Superintendent of schools.

We strategized a campaign designed to demonstrate healthy living alternatives to the community.  We agreed to three major components of the annual BRIDGE Festival:  A 5k run or walk, the West GA SingOff competition, and traditional festival booths and kid activities.

Soon thereafter, we launched the public relations, advertising, social media and sponsorship programs that would support this annual Event with the intent of donating the proceeds to the Bremen Police Department to assist with development of Educational event and Materials for the schools.

As a matter of fact, we hope you will join us in celebrating this year’s BRIDGE Festival on April 12 and April 13. and

Whether we intended this to happen or not, BRIDGE Fest is now one of our greatest case studies for growing a campaign following over time.  It has allowed us to flex our creative juices and demonstrate our passion for our community.  We will continue to develop a following of BRIDGE Fest and its important message…and if in the end, we gain customer loyalty—that is a plus.

We recommend that you tap YOUR personal passion and see if that can be used to promote your business.  It will show your customer the best of you—your greatest marketing campaign.


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