When I tell people that I work in PR, the usual response is “that sounds like a fun job.” And, while there’s a lot of hard work and effort to make things appear easy and smooth, there certainly are days that set our jobs apart.

I have worked with numerous clients in my career that were either sports-based or utilized a professional athlete to promote their company / product. As a huge sports fan, that’s always fun for me. Having placed numerous clients across the multiple ESPN platforms, I have many strong relationships with producers at the network. However it wasn’t until 2012 that I had the opportunity to actually take a client to ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, CT.

My client went through the infamous ESPN “Car Wash.”  This is a day-long tour that included numerous interviews across all their platforms (ESPN.com, Sports Center, ESPN Radio, etc.). While we were able to generate massive publicity for the client, there was a part of me that realized that this was a pretty special experience.

This is just one of many special days that I’ve had on the job. But, it can be equally thrilling to place a small business in the media for their first time and share their excitement in what a meaningful difference it will make to their business. I look forward to sharing many more of the experiences… hopefully even with you someday soon.

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