Web Design Trends in 2013

I have been designing and developing website for more than 10 years and things have certainly changed in that time.  Designs have gotten richer, functionality has gotten more robust, templates have gotten more sophisticated, and WordPress has matured into a viable web development platform.  Here are a few trends that I see for 2013.


Responsive Design:  Responsive design means that the website will look good on any screen size, include tablets and phones.  Responsive design has been around for a few years, but in 2013 this should be a critical consideration for any website since the mobile web will be bigger than desktop Internet use by 2015.

WordPress:  WordPress will continue to dominate as a web development tool.  25% of all websites are now using the WordPress platform and that tend will continue into 2013.  At CO&P, we develop all of our websites utilizing WordPress.  There are thousands of themes and plugins that can be utilized to get the perfect look, feel and functionality.  We also want our clients to be able to modify their own website without needed a degree in programming so this is the perfect platform for 99% of our clients.wordpress-logo

Full Page Layouts and Full Screen Backgrounds:  We are seeing a lot of sites these days that utilize the entire page.  This great for clients who need to showcase a portfolio.

Retina Support:  Apple first engineered this idea with the iPhone 4 and has since applied this screen display onto their other devices, including the iPad and some MacBooks.  Retina screens are basically twice as dense as any average LCD so they are the same number of physical pixels, but digitally twice as many pixels can be fitted into the same physical space.


Custom Typography:  Fonts are going to play a huge role in web design in 2013 and beyond. Thanks to Google Fonts and the use of the@Font-Face rule, designers have a limitless amount of custom fonts at their fingertips. Expect to see wide open sites with beautiful fonts replacing custom graphics.

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